Vision may refer to:

Vision1 Vision2 Vision
Max Atk: 1,804 Usage:
Max Def: 1,385 Effect:
YoungAvengersVision3 YoungAvengersVision4 [Young Avengers] Vision
(Special Rare)
Max Atk: 6,780 Usage: Average
Max Def: 5,442 Effect: Notably strengthen ATK of team.
AIVision3 AIVision4 [A.I.] Vision
(Special Rare)
Max Atk: 7,181 Usage: Average
Max Def: 5,571 Effect: Notably weaken DEF of opposing team.
SynthezoidVision4 SynthezoidVision5 [Synthezoid] Vision
(Super Special Rare)
Max Atk: 8,534 Usage: Average
Max Def: 7,343 Effect: Remarkably weaken DEF of opposing Speeds.
Nex-GenVision4 Nex-GenVision5 [Next-Gen] Vision
(Super Special Rare)
Max Atk: 9,050 Usage: Very High
Max Def: 7,955 Effect:
AllTooHumanVision6 AllTooHumanVision7 [All Too Human] Vision
Max Atk: 11,641 Usage: Average
Max Def: 12,592 Effect: Extremely harden DEF of your Tactics.
WhatIfVision6 WhatIfVision7 [What If?] Vision
Max Atk: 14,555 Usage: Average
Max Def: 14,490 Effect: Randomly mimics the ability of one of your cards during battle. (special ability)