Marvel: War of Heroes Wiki

^This is a link to a Google Doc Spreadsheet (Excel file) that contains a PROC simulator. While it can't be edited online, you may download it and do what you will with it.

Recommended usage:

  1. Download
  2. On the first sheet, you will see several grayed out boxed, these are for entering your card's PROCs 1-5
  3. Card 1 is center card
  4. This simulator can handle any size deck and is intended to show you the probability of a "3 proc" or 3 activations with any given deck, including suppression effects for decks size 4 or 5. It will also display the "displayed proc rate" so that if you want to compare the rate at which a wall of a card will activate, for example, you may (both 5-card averages and wing averages are displayed).
  5. You may look at the 4! sheets (that's four-factorial) but it's all "under the hood" stuff and I wouldn't mess with it, even if you think you know what you're doing. It is pretty, however. :) Everything you need is on that first main sheet.
  6. I provided a handy link of rationally derived PROC rates for your convenience as well. It is meant as a guide, you may enter in whatever rates you would like. Empirically derived rates may suggest a fraction of a tenth of  percent lower than those I put in the chart, but such exactitude is difficult to detect.
  7. Post link on LINE chat rooms to win arguments about PROC rates.