S.H.I.E.L.D. Proving Grounds
Vital Statistics
Event Type Training
Event Period
Start End
August 01st 2013 5:00A.M. August 07th 2013 1:00A.M.
Event Progression
Previous Event Devourer of Worlds
Previous Training S.H.I.E.L.D. Combat Readiness Training 6
Next Event S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training 9
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S.H.I.E.L.D. Combat Readiness Training has gotten an upgrade and become S.H.I.E.L.D. Proving Grounds. S.H.I.E.L.D. Proving Grounds is an individual combat event between Agents. It is an opportunity to prove your strength as an individual agent.


  • Prove your mettle by battling other agents.
  • Move up the S.H.I.E.L.D. ranks for a special bonus in future events!
  • You can now choose between 3 different SSR reward cards to strive for. Once you've made your choice, you cannot change, do choose carefully.
  • After you get a high enough S.H.I.E.L.D. rank, you'll battle against other agents to determine who can reach the pinnacle. Once Agents reach the 14th S.H.I.E.L.D. rank, they'll be grouped against other similarly ranked Agents in a tournament style bracket system. The Agent who obtains the highest amount of shards in a given time period advances.
  • Support Decks have been added to S.H.I.E.L.D. Proving Grounds.

New Cards Introduced

SSR Reward Options

During this Proving Grounds event, you'll get to choose between 3 different SSR reward cards to try to win. 1 is a new card, and 2 are cards that are no longer available. Once you choose your reward card, you cannot change it, so choose wisely.

Title Positions

Your S.H.I.E.L.D. rank will depend on how many yellow ISO-8 shards you get!  This time there are 13 ranks.  The S.H.I.E.L.D. rank you get in this event will have bonus effects in future Raid or S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training events.  Achieve the highest S.H.I.E.L.D. rank in this event to benefit your progress in future events!

Title Shards Required Title Reward
Cadet Technician 0 No Bonus
Technician 30 5% Shard Bonus
Technician-Specialist 80 6% Shard Bonus
Combat Operations Technician 200 7% Shard Bonus
Lead Technician 350 8% Shard Bonus
Tactical Operations Technician 450 9% Shard Bonus
Field Agent 550 10% Shard Bonus
Specialist Agent 700 11% Shard Bonus
Field Operations Agent 900 12% Shard Bonus
Tactical Agent 1000 14% Shard Bonus
Elite Field Agent 1100 16% Shard Bonus
Strike Team Officer 1200 18% Shard Bonus
Operations Officer 1350 20% Shard Bonus
Divisional Officer 1550 22% Shard Bonus
Special Officer Tournament Rank 24% Shard Bonus
Tactical Officer Tournament Rank 26% Shard bonus
Assistant Director Tournament Rank 28% Shard Bonus
Regional Director Tournament Rank 30% Shard Bonus
Operational Director Tournament Rank

40% Shard Bonus
[Educated] Beast (U Rare) x1

  • Your S.H.I.E.L.D. rank from the last Readiness Training carries over and the S.H.I.E.L.D. rank you reach in this Readiness Training will carry over until the next Readiness Training event.  Your shard progression will start at the base shard requirement for the highest rank you've achieved so far.


Accumulated ISO-8 Shard Rewards

Shards Reward Shards Reward
1 Personal Power Pack x1 1,0001,000 Rally Points
2400 Rally Points 1,100Personal Power Pack x1
3Personal Power Pack x1 1,200[Level Up] ISO-8
52,000 Silver 1,30010,000 Silver
7[Level Up] ISO-8 x1 1,4001,000 Rally Points
10Personal Power Pack x1 1,500Personal Power Pack x1
13400 Rally Points 1,60010,000 Silver
172,000 Silver 1,7001,000 Rally Points
21Personal Power Pack x1 1,80010,000 Silver
25400 Rally Points 2,000Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1
30[Horseman] Archangel 2,2001,000 Rally Points
35Personal Power Pack x1 2,400Choice of featured SSR card
40[Level Up] ISO-8 2,60010,000 Silver
453,000 Silver 2,800Personal Power Pack x1
50600 Rally Points 3,0001,000 Rally Points
55Personal Power Pack x1 3,30010,000 Silver
603,000 Silver 3,6001,000 Rally Points
65600 Rally Points 3,900Personal Power Pack x1
703,000 Silver 4,200[Level Up] ISO-8 x1
80600 Rally Points 4,50010,000 Silver
90Personal Power Pack x1 4,8001,000 Rally Points
100[Level Up] ISO-8 x1 5,200Personal Power Pack x1
1105,000 Silver 5,60010,000 Silver
120600 Rally Points 6,0001,000 Rally Points
1405,000 Silver 6,50010,000 Silver
160[Lady Light] Dagger x1 7,000Personal Power Pack x1
180600 Rally Points 7,5001,000 Rally Points
2005,000 Silver 8,00010,000 Silver
230600 Rally Points 8,5001,000 Rally Points
260Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1 9,000Personal Power Pack x1
290Personal Power Pack x1 9,500[Level Up] ISO-8 x1
3305,000 Silver 10,000[Ability Boom] ISO-8 x1
370[Level Up] ISO-8 x1 11,00020,000 Silver
410800 Rally Points 12,000Personal Power Pack x1
4505,000 Silver 13,0001,000 Rally Points
500800 Rally Points 14,000[Level Up] ISO-8 x1
550Personal Power Pack x1 15,000[Educated] Beast x1
6008,000 Silver 16,00020,000 Silver
650800 Rally Points 17,0001,000 Rally Points
7008,000 Silver 18,000Personal Power Pack x1
750Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1 19,000[Level Up] ISO-8 x1
800800 Rally Points 20,000[Ability Boom] ISO-8 x1
9008,000 Silver

Yellow ISO-8 Shard Processors

Cards ISO-8 Items Rally Points Silver Reward Count
1 HorsemanArchangel3
[Horseman] Archangel (Rare) x1
[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x2
Personal Power Pack x1
Personal Energy Pack x1
800 x5
400 x15
200 x25
20,000 x5
10,000 x10
5,000 x35
2 LadyLightDagger4
[Lady Light] Dagger (S Rare) x1
[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x6
Personal Power Pack x3
Personal Energy Pack x3
1000 x7
800 x10
400 x30
200 x100
30,000 x5
20,000 x10
10,000 x30
5,000 x95
3 OtherBrotherHavok5
[Other Brother] Havok (SS Rare) x1
[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x8
Personal Power Pack x5
Personal Energy Pack x5
Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1
2000 x5
1000 x5
800 x10
400 x30
200 x175
50,000 x5
30,000 x5
20,000 x10
10,000 x35
5,000 x150
4 AbilityBoomISO83
[Ability Boom] ISO-8
(Rare) x1
[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1
Personal Power Pack
Personal Energy Pack
Ultimate Card Pack Ticket
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