President Stark Needs You!
Vital Statistics
Event Type Exploration
Event Period
Start End
May 18 2013 6:00am May 22 2013 1:00am
Event Progression
Previous Event S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training 6
Previous Exploration Unknown
Next Event Defenders
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Stark Industries lost some very important cargo trunks in an attack on their fleet of transport planes. (Possibly the work of Hammer Industries.)

Tony Stark has personally requested that you help him retrieve his trunks, promising rewards based on how many you retrieve. Find a lot, and you'll get excellent items in true Stark fashion!

You never know when you might need a favor from Iron Man, so use this opportunity to get on Stark's good side and get some great cards while you're at it!


  • Use Fuel to spin the roller. It will stop on a certain number.
  • The board will appear, and you'll advance the number of spots shown on the roller.
  • Something special will happen, depending on where you land.
  • Land on the right spot, and you'll get some trunks!
  • Get special cards based on how many trunks you retrieve for President Stark!
  • Exchange trunks and get their contents!
  • Players that have a higher amount of energy stats will have more maximum fuel:
    • 100 energy = 1 extra fuel for a total of 6 fuel
    • 200 energy = 2 extra fuel for a total of 7 fuel
    • 300 energy = 3 extra fuel for a total of 8 fuel

The maximum boost you can receive is at 300 energy. Any energy over 300 will not boost your maximum fuel.

New Cards Introduced

Accumulated Trunk Rewards

Trunks Reward Trunks Reward
1 Personal Fuel Canister x1 9,400Personal Fuel Canister x1
5Personal GPS Radar x1 10,300Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1
15Personal Fuel Canister x1 11,4005,000 Silver
25Personal GPS Radar x1 12,500600 Rally Points
40Personal Fuel Canister x1 13,800Personal GPS Radar x1
60Personal GPS Radar x1 15,100Personal Fuel Canister x1
80[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1 16,7005000 Silver
100[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1 16,7005,000 Silver
130Personal Fuel Canister x1 18,300600 Rally Points
1602000 Silver 20,200[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1
190400 Rally Points 22,100Personal GPS Radar x1
220Personal Fuel Canister x1 24,300Personal Fuel Canister x1
2702000 Silver 26,50010,000 Silver
320400 Rally Points 29,0001,000 Rally Points
370Personal Fuel Canister x1 31,500[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1
4202000 Silver 34,300[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1
490Personal GPS Radar x1 37,100Personal GPS Radar x1
560Personal Fuel Canister x1 40,300Personal Fuel Canister x1
630400 Rally Points 43,50010,000 Silver
700[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1 47,2001,000 Rally Points
800Personal Fuel Canister x1 50,900Personal GPS Radar x1
9002000 Silver 55,200[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1
1,000Personal GPS Radar x1 59,50010,000 Silver
1,100Personal Fuel Canister x1 64,500Personal Fuel Canister x1
1,250400 Rally Points 69,500[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1
1,4002000 Silver 74,500[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1
1,550Personal Fuel Canister x1 79,500Personal GPS Radar x1
1,700400 Rally Points 85,000[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1
1,900Personal GPS Radar x1 90,5001,000 Rally Points
2,100Personal Fuel Canister x1 96,000Personal Fuel Canister x1
2,3002,000 Silver 101,500[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1
2,500400 Rally Points 107,500Personal GPS Radar x1
2,800Personal Fuel Canister x1 113,50010,000 Silver
3,100Personal GPS Radar x1 119,5001,000 Rally Points
3,4005,000 Silver 125,5000[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1
3,700600 Rally Points 131,500Personal GPS Radar x1
4,200Personal Fuel Canister x1 137,500[Extremis] Iron Man (Rare) x1
4,700[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1 143,00010,000 Silver
5,200Personal GPS Radar x1 150,0001,000 Rally Points
5,7005,000 Silver 157,000[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1
6,400Personal Fuel Canister x1 164,50010,000 Silver
7,100Personal GPS Radar x1 172,5001,000 Rally Points
7,800600 Rally Points 181,000[Level Up] ISO-8 (Rare) x1
8,5005,000 Silver 190,000Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1

Trunk Exchange Rewards

Once you get all the rewards, rewards besides the featured card will appear randomly.

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