Operation 15: A Wider Conspiracy

Energy Used -11 XP Award +11 Silver Award +220~264
Mission Possible Card Award Resource Award
15-1 Tigra Kingpin Iron Fist Assassin's Choker
15-2 Wasp Beast Invisible Woman Assassin's Choker
15-3 Storm Luke Cage Vision Assassin's Choker
15-4 Wasp Cyclops Invisible Woman Assassin's Choker
15-5 Sif Luke Cage Black Panther Assassin's Choker
Additional Possible Rewards
Silver 8800 Mastery +11
Super Villain
Rewards for defeating the Super Villain
[Level Up] ISO-8: 1 Personal Energy Pack: 1 Personal Power Pack: 1 Silver: +28,000


  • For each mission, the resource reward is not the same for all players. Once established, a mission level will always reward the same Assassin's Choker color.

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