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Rarity Ultimate Rare
Power Requirement 32
Sale Price 244,800
Maximum Card Level 70
Maximum Mastery Level 45
Quote Onslaught possessed the combined abilities of Professor X, Magneto, Franklin Richards, and the X-Men. This included telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, illusion creation, mental bolt projection, sensing mutant presences, manipulating magnetic fields, and affecting reality itself.
Attack Defense
Base 3180 2840
Maximum 9143 8165
Mastery Bonus 1193 1065
Rarity Legendary
Power Requirement 32
Sale Price 489,600
Maximum Card Level 80
Maximum Mastery Level 250
Quote When Xavier rendered Magneto catatonic, he unknowingly absorbed Magneto's dark ego. Magneto's negative emotions merged with his suppressed urges, forming a powerful psionic entity-the self-dubbed Onslaught.
Attack Defense
Catalog Base 3816 3408
Proper Fused Base 5646 5042
Maximum 12800 11431
Mastery Bonus Unknown Unknown
Overboost: 15663 13988
General Information
Alignment Bruiser
Gender Male
Faction Villain
Left Trait Unknown
Right Trait Unknown
Ability Reality Warping
Usage Relatively High
Effect Extremely strengthen ATK of your Bruisers.
First Release Date May 17, 2013
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Level 100 stats: 14709/13136