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Nightmare may refer to:

DreamstalkerNightmare4.jpg DreamstalkerNightmare5.jpg [Dreamstalker] Nightmare
(Super Special Rare)
Max Atk: 7,633 Usage: Average
Max Def: 8,244 Effect: Remarkably degrade ATK of opposing team.
TheGreatFearNightmare4.jpg TheGreatFearNightmare5.jpg [The Great Fear] Nightmare
(Super Special Rare)
Max Atk: 9,419 Usage: High
Max Def: 6,458 Effect: Remarkably raise ATK/DEF of your Tactics.
ClubFearNightmare5.jpg ClubFearNightmare6.jpg [Club Fear] Nightmare
(Ultimate Rare)
Max Atk: 10,257 Usage: Average
Max Def: 10,225 Effect: Significantly lower ATK/DEF of opposing heroes.
Fear-FedNightmare5.jpg Fear-FedNightmare6.jpg [Fear-Fed] Nightmare
(Ultimate Rare)
Max Atk: 11,497 Usage: Very High
Max Def: 10,176 Effect: Significantly strengthen ATK of your Tactics.