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[Marvel Girl] Rachel Summers

Rarity Super Special Rare
Power Requirement 29
Sale Price 94,350
Maximum Card Level 60
Maximum Mastery Level 40
Quote Rachel Summers was the daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers in an alternate timeline where the X-Men were unable to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She was brainwashed by the ruthless anti-mutant leader Ahab and turned into a Hound, using her psionic powers to hunt and capture other mutants.
Attack Defense
[Marvel Girl] Rachel Summers
Base 2860 2380
Maximum 8223 6831
Mastery Bonus 1073 891
Rarity Ultimate Rare
Power Requirement 29
Sale Price 188,700
Maximum Card Level 70
Maximum Mastery Level 200
Quote Haunted by her past, Rachel has gratefully embraced her chance to redeem herself by joining the X-Men--both in the role of Marvel Girl and simply under her own name. Because of her mother, she is able to handle the Phoenix Force better than most other mutants, which has proven crucial to the survival of the X-Men more than once.
Attack Defense
[Marvel Girl] Rachel Summers+
Catalog Base 3432 2856
Proper Fused Base 5078 4224
Maximum 11513 9565
Mastery Bonus 1287 1069
General Information
Alignment Speed
Gender Female
Faction Super Hero
Left Trait Unknown
Right Trait Unknown
Ability Phoenix Echo
Usage Average
Effect Significantly strengthen ATK of team.
First Release Date May 23, 2014

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