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[First Mutant] Apocalypse

Rarity Super Special Rare
Power Requirement 29
Sale Price 94,350
Maximum Card Level 60
Maximum Mastery Level 40
Quote Apocalypse is an ancient mutant born with a variety of superhuman abilities who further augmented himself after merging with Celestial technology. He has total control over the molecules of his body, enabling him to alter his form as it suits him.
Attack Defense
[First Mutant] Apocalypse
Base 2650 2590
Maximum 7613 7441
Mastery Bonus 993 971
Rarity Ultimate Rare
Power Requirement 29
Sale Price 188,700
Maximum Card Level 70
Maximum Mastery Level 200
Quote Apocalypse is also immortal. He is able to project and absorb energy, displaying impressive telepathy and telekinesis abilities.
Attack Defense
[First Mutant] Apocalypse+
Catalog Base 3180 3108
Proper Fused Base 4704 4598
Maximum 10660 10419
Mastery Bonus 1192 1165
General Information
Alignment Bruiser
Gender Male
Faction Villain
Left Trait Unknown
Right Trait Unknown
Ability Energy Projection
Usage Average
Effect Significantly strengthen ATK of team.
First Release Date March 5 2013


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