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[Chosen One] Jean Grey

Rarity Rare
Power Requirement 10
Sale Price 11,500
Maximum Card Level 20
Maximum Mastery Level 20
Quote The first student of Professor Xavier, she is one of the original members of the X-Men. With her mutant powers of telepathy and telekinesis, Jean Grey was formally known as Marvel Girl.
Attack Defense
[Chosen One] Jean Grey
Base 1060 1060
Maximum 3036 3036
Mastery Bonus 396 396
Usage Unknown
Effect Unknown
Rarity Special Rare
Power Requirement 10
Sale Price 23,000
Maximum Card Level 1
Maximum Mastery Level 60
Quote When the X-Men were bound on a dangerous space mission, Jean's mind called out for help only to be saved by the Phoenix Force turning her into the Phoenix.
Attack Defense
[Chosen One] Jean Grey+
Catalog Base 1272 1272
Proper Fused Base 1880 1880
Maximum 4251 4251
Mastery Bonus 475 475
Usage Unknown
Effect Unknown
Rarity Super Special Rare
Power Requirement 12
Sale Price 46,000
Maximum Card Level 1
Maximum Mastery Level 150
Quote Unable to adapt to the enormous power of the Phoenix Force, Jean became corrupted by the manipulations of her enemies such as Mastermind and Emma Frost. She eventually was driven insane and became the Dark Phoenix.
Attack Defense
[Chosen One] Jean Grey++
Catalog Base 1526 1256
Proper Fused Base 2376 2106
Maximum 5223 5223
Mastery Bonus 570 570
Usage Unknown
Effect Unknown
Rarity Ultimate Rare
Power Requirement 16
Sale Price 92,000
Maximum Card Level Unknown
Maximum Mastery Level 350
Quote The real Jean Grey was thought to be dead, but she was in the deep sea, sleeping in an energy cocoon. She also acquired the power of the Phoenix and its memories.
Attack Defense
[Chosen One] Jean Grey+++
Catalog Base 1831 1831
Proper Fused Base 2439 2439
Maximum 6291 6291
Mastery Bonus 684 684
Usage Unknown
Effect Unknown
General Information
Alignment Bruiser
Gender Female
Faction Super Hero
Ability Mental Break
First Release Date Unknown

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[Chosen One] Jean Grey was the second Promo Card for Marvel and was available from 12/14/2012 through 4/17/2013.