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Black Knight

Rarity Uncommon
Power Requirement 10
Sale Price 3,000
Maximum Card Level 30
Maximum Mastery Level 25
Quote The most recent Black Knight and bearer of the magical Ebony Blade, Dane Whitman has fought at the side of the Avengers and on his own. He carries the knightly sprit of chivalry as well as his sword, upholding a lineage that stretches back to the 6th century.
Attack Defense
Black Knight
Base 950 740
Maximum 2726 2128
Mastery Bonus 356 278
Rarity Rare
Power Requirement 10
Sale Price 6,000
Maximum Card Level 40
Maximum Mastery Level 125
Quote Dane conjures the Ebony Blade and his knightly steed by touching a mystical amulet and speaking a word of power: Avalon.
Attack Defense
Black Knight+
Catalog Base 1140 888
Proper Fused Base 1686 1314
Maximum 3817 2979
Mastery Bonus 427 333
General Information
Alignment Tactics
Gender Male
Faction Super Hero
Left Trait Unknown
Right Trait Unknown
Ability Ebony Blade
Usage Average
Effect Partially strengthen ATK of self.
First Release Date May 28, 2013